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Our overall mission is to set the standard for quality products both in trading and manufacturing industry while maintaining the highest standards.


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Act with high level of Integrity and Respect Provide Quality Services to satisfy customer needs, Innovate- continuously learn, grow and improve, Treat our customers, our suppliers, our partners and our employees with utmost Respect, Achieve success through Teamwork.


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To be the market leader in KSA and other GCC Countries in Fire Resistance Metal and Wooden Products both trading and manufacturing industry by providing our customer high quality and innovative products with the highest level of satisfaction

  • Steel Doors, Fire Rated Steel Doors and Acoustic Doors.
  • Aluminum Fire Rated System.
  • Bullet Resistant Doors and Windows as per EN and American Standard.
  • Blast and Ballistic Resistance Façade Doors and Windows.
  • Hardware.

steel door and fire

A complete range of single or double door sets designed to comply with the varied requirements of fire rated application, fire doors are designed for the protection of openings in walls and partitions against fire when installed in accordance with NFPA 80 “National Fire Protection Association Standard for Fire Doors & Windows”.

Fire rating: up to 2 hours, Tested in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories In. (UL. 10 B,C). Approved and Labeled by Local Authorities.

Door leaves ranging from 46mm (30 For Access Panel) to 56mm thick depending upon the type & project specifications, manufactured from 1.2mm thick galvanized steel and available in a separate choice.

Fire rated doors are such element used in both commercial and residential applications, fire-rated doors can be made of steel, wood or a combination of materials, which together form a door system. In addition to the door leaf itself, there is the doorframe, hardware including manual or automatic closing devices, locks and latches and some internal windows, all of which are subjected to product certification and must meet the requirements of the local building code.

flush door series

Flush door series

Flush door are desinged to meet the architectural requirements for flush doors. The permium door construction combines the strength and dimensional stability of steel with the structural integrity of the honeycomb core. The continous bonding of the core to metal provides an attractive flat door, free of face welding marks. It has been proven that these type of door has integral high resistance to impact damage and low thermal conductiivity.

To meet qualification, specification and performace requirements, the Flush Door Series offer a wide range of specifiable options including sizes, vision glass designs and hardware prpeparations.

fuature and benefits

Style Metal Flush Doors offers the following standard unique features, which enhance long term performace and durbility.

  • Honeycomb core system enhances the structural integrity of the door, while significantly reducing the weigth.
  • Full height, epoxy field mechanical interlock edges provide structural support and stability.
  • rovide stability and protection for the top and bottom edges from the abuse.
  • Beveled hinge and lock edges allow for tighter installation tolerances, ensure easier operation and eliminate binding and sticking.

construction nots

  • Doors are 46mm thick
  • Door opening size maximum: Single Door Opening Size (1200mm x 3000mm), Double Door Opening Size (2400mm x 3000mm)
  • Standard operating clearances (installed in frame) Head - 1/6” (3mm) tyo bottom of head or transom panel Hinge and lock side – 3/32” (2mm) to rabbet of the jamb Standard Core System Polyurethane Foam Core for Non-Fire Rated and Rockwool Insualtion Core for Fire Rated Doors to achieve all the specifications of any project.
  • Hardware Preparatios: to meet specificatons , doors can be prepared for all commercial mortise hardayanr, and and can be factory reinforced to surface applied hardware applications. Lock preps- details and dimensions shown are for cylindrical (ANSI 115.2) type locks. For mortise (ANSI A115.1) locks, the centerline of the lock is located 3/8” (9mm) lower.

hardware preparation

Hardware preparation

Standard 4” (100mm) and optional 5* (127mm) but hinges are normally used in (46mm) doors. Either hinge will support doors up to 4’0” (1219mm) wide and 10’0” (3048) high.

The preparation in the door and frame are described as the ‘Universal” preparation. This means the p[reparation will convert from a standard to a heavy weight hinge prep by removing the wire spacer in the field.


Both the standard 4” (100mm) and the optional 5” (127mm) hinges come in standard and heavy weight. 4” (100mm) = Standard 134” (3mm)

Hinges used must be the “TEMPLATED” holes for the mounting screws are in a half moon pattern) type.


The reinforcement used in the door and frame are (3mm) steel and are projection welded to the rabbet of the hinge jamb or door edge. The reinforcements include an auxillary steel or wire spacer. Leave the spacer in place and the standard weight hinged can be used. Remove the spacee and the heavy weight hinged can be used. Refer to the appropriate frame and door series to insure the patented universal hinge is available.


Continous hinges are generally used on large heavy doors. They are also used when an opening is subjected to high frequency usage.


The type of attachment to the door identifies contous hinges. The attachment can be

  • Edge mounted (attached to the door edge and frame rabbet)
  • Half surface (attached to the door face and frame rabbet)
  • Half edge mounted (attached to the door edge and frame face)


When sheet metal screws are used, a reinforcement in both door and frame is not required. Using the hinge as a template or the template supplied, field drill the proper place on the door and frame for the screws and attach the hinge.

When machine screws are used additional reinforcement for both the door and frame maybe required. The reinforcement is 14 gage steel, welded to the inside of the door or frame as required by the attachment. Using the hinge as a template or the template supplied, field drill and tap the proper place on the door and frame for the machines screws and attached the hinge.


Hinge manufacturer’s information should be reviewed carefully to insure correct attachment and that the hinge is capable of meeting the requirements of your opening.


Continous hinges are not covered at this time by the Steel Door Institue (SDI) of the Door Hardware Institute (DHI).


Fire rated continous hinges are available for openings with ratings from  20 minutes to 3 hours. Check the hinge manufacturers information on this requirement.


inox logo

  • Based in Sacramento California, Unison Hardware is an expert in door hardware design, engineering and manufacturing.
  • INOX® is an extensive product line of both commercial and residential door hardware solutions, in both ANSI/BHMA and EN/CE standards to satisfy building projects around the world.
  • Providing "Custom" designs where unique "looks" are requested; we can take your design specifications from conception to delivery by working with our own R&D design center and providing a conceptual prototype.
  • Working closely with Architects, Interior Designers, Specifiers, Developers and Distributors to establish an understanding of applications encompassing performance, industry standards, building codes and design elements.
  • Ability to provide a package tailored to your specific project needs, keeping in mind quality and cost requirements.
  • Proven track record of supplying some of the largest projects in North America, South America, and around the world.

mortise lock

Mortise looks with sectional trim


The ANSI A1155.1 lock provides additional security due to its heavy design. The face cut outs will vary depending on the lock fucntion and the type of trim being used.


ANSI A115.1 locks are defined as “mortised locks”. The lock is attached to the door by the faceplate using 2 screws and with the trim, all supplied by the lock manufacturer.

The preparation in the door faces (shown at the left) requires the use of an individual trim to cover the individual cutouts. The cutout on the face will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The edges cut out remains the same for all ANSI 115.1 locks. The ANSI A115.1 preparation when used with full escutcheon trim (plate rim) is shown on Spec Sheet H3-3.


The reinforcement used in the door is 14 gage (1.7mm) steel and is projection welded to the door edge. The reinforcement includes stabilizing tabs to insure the lock remains in the center of the door thickness during installtion and operation.


The 4 7/8” (124mm) strike the common strike supplied by the lock manufacturer with the A115.1 locks.


Lock manufacturers template should be reviewed carefully to insure the lock being used will function in the preparation. Although Steelcrafts preparation meets or exceeds the ANSI standard, some manufacturers locks may not fit properly and the rose (trim) may not cover the cutout.


The ANSI A115.1 preparation with full escutcheon or sectional trim meet or exceed the requirements of the Steel Door Institute (SDI) and the Door and Hardware Institue (DHI).


The ANSI A115.1 lock can be used in the fire rated products with ratings from 20 minute to 3 hours.

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Nothing but the best. Team Tashyed company with top notched specialists. Worth the drive to come here especially if it involves your business.
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